My life in the last six months has been an absolute mess. In fact, it is more accurate to say it was my head that was hectic, as my life was going in the expected direction. I was in an argument with myself all the time.

I was dealing with people who as if underwent an operation which had removed their ability to love without prejudice. All my life I am naive with love. I love to love and when I feel the fluky joy nothing else matters. My conception of love has nothing to do with comfort, agenda, change. It is more about thrill, curiosity, great pleasure. I accept what I love the way it is and I just let it be unconditionally. However, this is not the case with most people. Greater people don’t fall in love easily, they keep their love for the right people, right situations, when they are ready. How cynical is this? People walking around with their checklists for the perfect love, feeling what? 

We are so self-involved but when it comes to love we have no trust in ourselves. I was working for the most confident man with zero passion for his work. Nonsense. I was seeing the most self-aware guy with the biggest doubts in his love life. Paradox. The thing was these people were in my life and in my mind all the time. I was resentful and confused. Wasting so much energy trying to figure them out, I was fragile, disorientated, in absolute dissonance. Why was I attracting these people? 

Although part of me was like: “This is your lesson. Don’t be naive. Grow up and start reconsidering your love too”, my inner belief was telling me I can’t do this. It won’t be me if I start counting my love. Love is to be conveyed, free and simple. Every time I am giving love, I am absolutely mindful that many people won’t appreciate me, many people will take advantage, but I value the people who will find their courage to start giving, as well. Brave people make me happy. Looking for these brave people make me even happier. It’s been a long time since I was feeling powerful. Realising that my energy is fed by the love I am giving, I felt right. Strong. Fearless. Myself.

If we for a second forget about the concept of improving yourself constantly, we will have the time to see ourselves in the current condition we are in. It is not always about becoming better, but embracing your downsides, the things that make you a human. The imperfections balance our energy. We feel and attract, and grow fully aware of our human potential. Do you want to be the best version of yourself? There is no person who can prove me wrong. Love. 100%. 


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