Morning. It is still dark outside but the sun is trying to find its way up and brighten our day. Waking up, I am still shattered by the inhumane aggression ruling us. Accidents like the attack in front of Westminster yesterday just remind me of the daily bloodshed around the world. Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Africa, Ukraine, etc., not to mention the numerous attacks in Turkey and Europe for the last year are sequential deadly episodes caused by the idea that mass violence will solve our life problems.

Dear People, you should wake up, too!

It is beyond my strength to influence all of you around the world, let alone that anger is a human emotion which will fail to harm, if understood and released consciously. However, the more we repeat to each other that peace is possible, the more we will actually believe in it. There is so much pressure, dishonesty and sorrow in the world that are blurring our minds. Every third person in the big city is suffering from depression. Americans voted for Donald Trump. Britons supported Brexit.  What is this telling you? Society is impatient, malcontent, desperate for a change, as a result cruel and suicidal. 

We are afraid of attacks, terrorism and war but we are the ones that encourage these troubles to happen. We let anger and despair rule ourselves. It is us that preach and practice terrorism daily. We are so irritated that become bullies, murderers, taking our own lives. I am simply asking how it is possible to believe that happy life and peace will be achieved by insulting, hurting, killing each other. Perhaps, we are so ignorant of others strains, we think we are the only ones with problems; we are so concentrated to find a payback, we sacrifice all our human senses, and what is worse we become heartless and self-destructive. 

Although I am terrified, I believe in the best in people. We are different in so many aspects of our lives, yet so much the same — we live to love. 

Dear People, it is so simple. 

Infecting more and more people with love, society heals.


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