Since I am about to graduate in a few months, the most common but the least delightful question is  What am I doing next? 

Well…I am a chaotic person, so you can imagine what it is in my mind. I have million ideas of how I want to spent my future. But which is the best, the right, the winning one? 

If you have the same concerns I would say focus on your dreams. That’s what I am telling myself. What will make you happy in the short and the long run? Be naive, crazy, random in your choice. That’s why you are young – to make all the mistakes in the world and be left with nothing else but right decisions.

Thus far, I refuse investigating my future. Making a choice is always hazard. Although responsibilities scare me, I prefer to take my risk. I find it super irrational to plan in advance when you have no idea how your life will look like in a few weeks, months, years. There are so many possible events that can turn your world around that organising your future becomes just a waste of time. 

Opportunities come and go, like frisky waves in the deep blue ocean. There will be always chances  to change your life, as there are breakers for the surfers. However, the younger we are, the easier the adaptation is, the brighter our ideas are, the stronger our bodies are. What I am trying to say is don’t let social dogma mess with your mind and exploit your potential, while your have dreams to fulfil. 

I am more and more thinking about moving again. I am super keen on falling in love and since people have always somehow failed to deliver, places have never disappointed me. I am reading about nomads in the last few weeks. They used to live a fascinating life and we can too. We have the time not to be just  tourists looking for information but actually experience  the variety around the world. Just thinking about new environment, culture and people, I hear my heart pounding and it definitely sounds like a plan. 

What makes your heart race?


One thought on “Future

  1. Beautifully expressed ideas! You inspire me to live without fears and achieve my fullest potential. What makes my day is your strive to follow your dreams! 💞

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