It is interesting to observe young people today. So confused, they are trying to solve the life problem. Who am I? Who I wanna be? How?

We all grow up while thinking what comes next. Almost all my friends I meet are busy working on their future. Our conversations are either cynical with focal subject money, or spiritual, considering the inner peace and happiness, but then again main influencer capitalism and how the money making process effects our values. 

Hence, why are we saying we think about the future when all we think of is wealth? Why do we believe we are finding ourselves and grow, when all our prosperity is evaluated by our social status?

How will you comment on people meditating every morning so that they can improve their productivity at work and be the better cooperative robots in the afternoon? Hypocrisy, isn’t it?

Perhaps, our society is well-educated, enhanced and enlighten but still believe in the outmoded plot of life. Capitalism was a huge revolution, but now aren’t we ready for the next step? The moment when we are in charge. Everybody has money to an extent where no one is in reality interested in it. In fact, equality may be never fully achieved. However, the transformation in our mindset is about to come. 

We are people not only living life but loving it. It is pointless to stress out our guts because someone in the past made our parents believe that being stable and well off is happiness. Think about it. Before it was harder to travel, to communicate, only a few people had education, money was not enough, medical care was worse, cities were less developed, no technology, no Internet, no social media. These are crucial examples of the change we are living in. We have unlimited chances but limited outlook and this makes us going mental. 

I am twenty. I am about to graduate abroad. I am ambitious, skilful and motivated, adventurous, spontaneous and free. What am I doing? I may do a profit-making job. I may dance on the streets. I may travel the world and work as whatever you can think of to buy my next ticket. I may be homeless or live in a mansion. I may be alone or have five kids. Who knows? I have rich imagination and a head full of ideas. I also have fear and expectations to meet, but I will never let prejudice control my choices.

It is all in the future, problematic and undecided. Yet, there is no issue. Life is life. You are you, twenty and happy.


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