Eating is living

Since I moved quite far away from my family and friends, photo sharing has become a daily practice [I probably pissed a lot of people on my social media, Ops]. So, I decided instead of taking selfies every day [I’m bad with makeup and stuff] to snap my food as a way of picturing my well-being Down Under.

Food in Australia is absolutely stunning. After a year and a half on Dominos, fries and BLT sandwiches in London, seeing in the shop fresh domestic fruit and vegetables, just-taken-out-from-the-ocean seafood, and labels ‘Organic’, ‘No artificial colours or preservatives’, ‘Quinoa and cranberry organic dark chocolate sweetened with coconut nectar’, I am in Heaven, not to mention the fusion of Asian flavourful cuisines, small local cafes and bakeries, salad buffets and juice bars. 

Australia changed my perception of living. I start understanding eating as a representation of your self-respect. The formula I came up with is: ‘The more you like yourself, the better food you will eat’. Then ‘better food’ will be every bite, which brings delight for your stomach and mind, like every dress you buy for a special occasion, or when having a bad day, or when you just feel like it. Small things, right?

Food suddenly came to be my preferred leisure. Although I remain a cooking amateur, I am relishing every moment of munching. Hey, five kilos are a reasonable price for such a great hobby. 

As a proof I’m sharing a dummy of my incompetent iPhone photo album surprisingly entitled ‘FOOD’.



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Late appeals




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