I leered at the Belgian waffle – freshly melted milk chocolate topping, Italian ice cream – coconut flavour [precisely my favourite], and strawberries for a final touch. Friends, Lovers, Chocolate, Temptation. I was lusting for the waffle, we went on a date, it was a quickie. 

I initially feel immorally pleased, as if it is wrong to be as delighted as I am, sitting on the small wooden table with an empty plate. Oh, chocolate… It is still tickling my throat. You know, when something is so sweet that makes you chuckle. I love it. Yet, I went wrong, temptation got me and I am to blame. Wait a second, why? 

Why does temptation have such a bad reputation? It feels so good to let it be, consequently let it go, and I reckon we all agree. Everyone who says temptation is bad, wrong, dangerous, pictures it weekly, daily, hourly. There is no need of sanctimoniousness. 

We read Oscar Wilde: “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.” It is a fact, practical, rational, easy and makes you feel good. The best part is you have no obligation, no addiction, no routine, but memories. 

Perhaps, temptation is considered as cheating, a slip, a mistake, a bad thing. Of course, you won’t have relationship with temptation. I agree it is more a one-time experience and it brings you the thrill notion but this doesn’t necessarily mean ‘wrong‘. Why are you viewed as being unfaithful to your habits instead of being true to your senses? It is you who decide if the glass is either half full, or half empty, right?

I quit smoking last month, drinking last year, weed two years ago, and I was most challenged when thinking  I would not have that waffle. I am trying to say temptation is about what you wish for. A selfish deed, indeed. If you are under the spell of nicotine, or boyfriend, or food, you want it and like it this way, a hundred per cent. In the minute you change your mind, I promise, you are free to go and nobody can stop you.

I’m sipping my tea, feeling the liberation, smiling, done. Thank you waffle. I will come back for you someday.


2 thoughts on “Temptation

  1. Glad u stopped smoking and drinking I am currently working on my sobriety and it was not easy to get out of the circle. Keep up the good work!


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