Departing from the airport, the railway, the bus station, driving away from that city, house, person, sometimes as quickly as possible, other times as undesirably as going to classes at 7am. 

Doesn’t matter. You leave:


– Take care.

Take care – precisely the best Goodbye ever. A balanced and elegant way to escape, while remaining smart and decent, mysterious and chill. No fuss, only thousand meanings thrown in the air:

 – Take care, I’ll miss you.

 – Take care, come back.

 – Take care, I don’t wanna see you again.

 – Take care, you’ll be fine.

 – Take care, may I go now?

 – Take care, all the best.

 – Take care, die.

 – Take care, ‘cause I don’t. 


In short, undeniably marvellous expression. The best part is that despite the mystery around its definition, you know what follows. New you. New them. Old stories. Bad stories. Good stories. Memories. Some you forgot, some you couldn’t forget. And in the minute you get yourselves talking, it will be clear what Take care means – nothing but simple insignificant Goodbye

Leaving and Coming back is a banal outdated plot. Truth to be told, Goodbyes are negligible. No story begins with Take care (even though I still think it is a pretty cool expression). Because it is not about letting go, but moving on. Gathering. Growing. Finding and sharing. New you. New them. Persistently. 

Goodbye is just a formality. 

Every end is to be continued.



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