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SpeediFly is the world`s first social travel platform for ultra spontaneous travellers, providing end-to-end booking based on user interests, and last minute flight availability. SpeediFly exploits the emerging trend for impulsive decision-making to turn itself into the ultimate catalyst for spontaneous travel for Millennials.

SpeediFly sends you on a trip immediately, literally after you have thought about it. It is a social application that allows you not only to take advantage of the most affordable prices, but also to invite all your friends with you and split the cost with them. You can build your own travel community and share your spontaneous ideas with your closest friends. You don’t need to plan ahead. It is so quick and easy that you can arrange your bookings while in the taxi to the airport. What’s more? You can find destinations based on your hobbies and once you indicate your interests, the application will update you with the personalized offers. Not only that, but once you have you friends on the platform, SpeediFly will push you group travel recommendations based on common interests. Fascinating, isn’t it?

“Travel platforms featuring last-minute travel “sell” the price. It’s always the price of the ticket, the price of the hotel, the price of the car you rent. But if you think about the nature of a last-minute trip, it’s all about the experience – it’s about seizing the moment and allowing people to discover fabulous destinations and share their adventures with friends.”

-Alexander Karadjian, Co-founder of SpeediFly

Now sounds like a plan!

You no longer have to wait for the best deal to come since SpeediFly is made for impulsive travellers. Meet your friends all around the world, laugh until your stomach hurts, enjoy real incredible moments that you will remember for life. Travelling has always been one of the most widespread hobbies. Yet, there was no platform where you could easily arrange all your reservations. Until now! SpeediFly spotlights the most important part of the trip — the thrill of the new encounter, while quickly doing the annoying booking process for you. Unlike the clunky old-fashioned travel websites for low-cost tickets, it makes you realise that cheap tickets are in stock and that being spontaneous doesn`t cost a ton of money. Speedifly helps you cherish every second spent with what you love the most. Isn’t that the nature of travelling in the first place? Isn’t that the nature of life?

It is more than Facebook for travellers

Speedily recommends you what and where you can do at the best possible price

SpeediFly wants you to stop wasting hours scrolling down your news feed and passively enjoying group conversations or pictures from beautiful places and popular events like your favourite Facebook and Instagram. Rather, it encourages you to wake up, devoting your energy to real-life experience and make the most of the time. Although it is a travel application and its main value is to simplify your trip planning, it is the ‘together’ part that increases my curiosity and expectations for it. It is not only about receiving relevant travel opportunities, but it’s about building great relationships during your journey. In social media we tend to create an ideal mainstream image of ourselves, while SpeediFly stimulates us to be spontaneous, to interact with people we actually want to meet, to form our own circles of friends with same hobbies and interests, and most importantly, to travel with great company. Perhaps, if SpeediFly succeeds in nurturing and moderating its community, we may see a revolution in online socializing.

On the 4th of April, Speedifly released its private iOS Beta in London. The app will be available to only 100 people in the first 30 days. The founders said they want to see how users interact with each other through the app`s social features and get as much feedback before the official launch. A couple of days ago SpeediFly presented in front of 250 investors at StartupYard DemoDay16 in Prague. Stoyan, the other co-founder of SpeediFly, said that the presentation caused a lot of excitement among the public and team received some very positive feedback.

In September, SpeediFly will be released in Paris, Rome, Madrid and Amsterdam. At first it will cover only Europe. Step by step, it will expand to Asia and later on hopefully it will be available everywhere.

Get ready! SpeediFly is about to disturb our routines and change the perception of spontaneous travelling. 

Learn more on:

SpeediFly Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpeediFly/

SpeediFly Twitter: https://twitter.com/speedifly

SpeediFly Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/speedifly/



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