10 ideas for exceptional experience

We are so concerned with our everyday lives that sometimes we neglect our desires for an adventure. Here are 10 extraordinary suggestions for an energising feat. A step away from your comfort zone is a step towards an exciting and unforgettable experience.

1. Zorbing

1-russ-ensley-via-thinkstockPhoto by Russ Ensley : Via Thinkstock

Playing with a ball in your childhood was a bit different but Zorbing seems like a lot more fun. Pull yourself into the big inflatable ball and tumble around. Soon the Zorbing ball will be your new best friend – stress-releasing and amusing at the same time.

2. Wing walking

2-marc-evans-via-flickr-sugarmonsterPhoto by Marc Evans : Via Flickr- sugarmonster

Being on the top of an airplane wing, surrounded by clouds, feeling the sun light coming directly at you. You are in the sky. Sounds compelling? It feels beyond that.

3. Volcano Boarding

3-http-www-theplaidzebra-comvolcano-boarding-nicaraguaPhotograph from http-::www.theplaidzebra.com:volcano-boarding-nicaragua:

Snowboarding is good but do you know what is better? Going to Nicaragua and coursing down a live volcano at a speed of more than 80 kilometres per hour. Are you in?

4. Canyon Swinglining

4-mark-hills-via-flickr-hillsieboyPhoto by Mark Hills : Via Flickr- hillsieboy

You can see the incredible landscape that appears in front of you while swinging in a canyon. Moreover, this is the safest extreme experience you can ever undertake. Experience, which cannot be forgotten. So good to be true.

5.World’s steepest roller coaster

10-http-www-lovethesepics-com201501thrill-seekers-virtual-ride-on-highest-ranked-roller-coasters-in-2015-pics-videosPhotograph from http-::www.lovethesepics.com:2015:01:thrill-seekers-virtual-ride-on-highest-ranked-roller-coasters-in-2015-pics-videos:

If you find yourself in Japan, eager for a thrill, try the near-vertical free fall from the steepest steel roller coaster. It will undoubtedly increase your blood pressure in way that will make you want more.

6. Zip-Lining

6-samuel-landete-via-flickr-secretnevertobetoldPhoto by Samuel Landete : Via Flickr- secretnevertobetold

You are gliding on a rope in the middle of the forest, enjoying the view, a view which you do not see everyday. A feeling of excitement crosses your body because you are sliding between trees at a height of 600 feet. You are a free being, is that enough?

7. Kayak over a waterfall

7-http-www-redbull-comenadventurestories1331644108293extreme-kayakPicture from http-::www.redbull.com:en:adventure:stories:1331644108293:extreme-kayak

A kayak and waterfall certainly are the equivalent of adrenaline. ”The motivating factor for all of this was just that I thought it was possible” claims Tyler Bradt. He did a free fall over a 57-meter high waterfall in 2009. What are you waiting for? You can be the next one quoted!

8. Great Barrier Reef dive

8-http-www-abc-net-aunews2013-05-04unesco-issues-fresh-warning-over-reefs-health4669872Photograph from http-::www.abc.net.au:news:2013-05-04:unesco-issues-fresh-warning-over-reefs-health:4669872

When you are tired of the world, dive into the ocean. I mean literally. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia hides phenomenal underwater nature and species, which will involve you into the most amazing thrill ever.

9.  Bungee Jumping

9-nicolas-baltenneck-via-flickr-nicolas-baltenneckShot by Nicolas Baltenneck : Via Flickr- nicolas-baltenneck

We already suggested you where some of the best places for a Bungee jump are. Now I am only insisting on the idea since you only need courage and aspiration. Then it is as easy as two plus two with the little difference that it will be a lot more satisfactory.

10. Bossaball

5-http-www-bossaball-nlPicture from http-::www.bossaball.nl

Young, wild and free. This is how you will feel after playing this fascinating game. Bossaball is a combination between football, volleyball and gymnastics, on a trampoline, usually on the beach. In other words, an entertaining fusion of sports.

 Chilling can be thrilling, just pick a starting point!


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