From Fright to Delight

We all have met those people who express desires like: “I really want to try something extreme but I am too scared.” There is no doubt you are afraid but isn’t overcoming your fear one of the purposes? To be honest now, I quoted the words I used to say before starting this blog. What has changed?

My friend knows that I have Acrophobia (fear of heights). What he did was challenge me to go to the roof of a building so that I face my fear without excuses. Here I am, illegally staying on the rooftop, sweating due to the anxiety:

“Why did I come here alone?”

“I will die.”

“Do not look down, do not look down!”

Instead of looking at the ground, I try to gaze at the sky. The wind is hitting me but my full attention is focused on the clouds, the birds, the new world I found. The horizon seems so close as if I will touch it. Amazing… Fascination that makes you feel released, calm, and not in the least terrified.

london_skyline_by_snazz84-d5bso4zLondon bird’s eye view. Photograph from

Heights are still my biggest fear but I am learning how to suppress the fright and enjoy the experience. Every extreme sport or activity brings about excitement, adrenaline boost, bizarre feeling, which cannot be achieved through going to the movies. In other words, increasing your rates of blood circulation once in a while, you maximise your human potential. But be careful, the adrenaline junkies recklessly look for unusual and dangerous practices all the time. Psychology acknowledges such kind of behaviour as an addiction. However, you do not have to become an “addict” if you go extreme from time to time.

Some people are afraid of heights like me, others are convinced that they will have a heart attack from the adrenaline but in fact if you believe that you are safe and fearlessly face the danger, there is no risk anymore.


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