Talking with my friends recently I discover that even though we (women) think that the most important thing about love affairs is the kind of a man we are dealing with, in fact it is all about us. We are the ones that make the game. We ‘dress to impress’ and stare with wide opened eyes while biting our lips. We chuckle to boring jokes and smile mysteriously. We act speechless and needy. The scenario continues with men not thinking about it, not realising we like them, and finalises with some kind of relationship, which looks more like a spider web of flirtation methods. Yet, we got the man. He is ours.

Consequently, there are thousands articles about how to please a man and enchant him but I could have thought of only nine ways to make him disappear. 

1. Be smart

Having something to say while he is with his friends is unacceptable. You want him out, just have an opinion. vsdv

2. Be direct

For example telling him that you find it funny and not sexy at all when he is talking dirty. He won’t waste another time with you.

Im-already-offend_o_1023073. Be cheap

If you do not admire his expensive gifts, he will insult you and leave. True story.fff

4. Be always in a good mood

When you’re going out for five days and you are optimistic, and smiley, and cheerful all the time:

He: “Why is she always so happy?” “Something’s wrong.” “Too dreamy.” “Let’s stop seeing her.” images

5. Be independent

This is about men’s habit to show their strength by taking away your independence. No matter if he wants to take your heavy bags or just come with you and your friends on the dangerous trip in the mountain. If you can do both without him, a man understands that you do not need him and he will go away.db

6. Be sexual

Men love sex but if a girl wants to have it more than twice, she is an addict. After a month he will explain you how worried he is about your condition. Unknown

7. Be different 

If he can’t put you in a regular girl category like ‘fashion diva’, ‘bad boys lover’, ‘I am a lady!’, or so on. He is gone in two weeks.dbbf

8. Be natural

This can be summarised in one sentence: Stop waxing. The first time he touches your sexy hairy legs, he will disappear immediately. bds

9. Be open-minded

She: “I want you tonight, and tomorrow I don’t know… I won’t probably call you. But hey, there are lots of girls, who are waiting for you” 

When a female puts the cards on the table, men are devastated, cry and run. Simple as that.c5f7d8c520fe4a80a6a399e724dc5065

Men insist on women deceptive flirtation. They can say they want a smart, frank, not a gold digger, joyful, insatiable, not like the others, liberal girl but when they see her they depart from the airport with the first convenient flight. Honestly, do not try this unless you want to be left alone forever.


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