Extreme night out – Roller Disco time!

We all love to go clubbing. A night out is an equivalent for fun time with friends accompanied by dance moves and drinks. This experience, however, can transform into nothing more than a routine since you go to the same places doing the same thing. Do you feel that you need to boost your adrenaline a little? How about refreshing experience with lots of cocktails, music from the 80s, and roller skating?

Roller discos’ popularity rose between 1970-1980. Even though it is over 30 years later, these places still exist and fascinate people with the huge disco balls in the middle of the rooms. It is like a time travel journey. You are wearing a luminescent short top and roller skates, hitting the dance floor. In fact, your skating skills do not matter. The idea is to throw yourself back in the 80s, no tension or worries, but spontaneous joy.

The music is the key aspect. Skating around on Madonna’s early pieces, Bonney M., Michael Jackson and Flashdance soundtrack is guaranteed pleasure. There is no chance to get bored while having the best retro hits played and all kinds of cocktails served. Besides, usually there are big tables with a lot of space to sit if you need a rest. No one will blame you for your preference to just enjoy the beats and save the skating for later.

Even though today skating in a club is uncommon, you can find Roller Disco in almost every bigger town. It promises an unforgettable affair although there is always a chance to fall. This is the tiny risk you accept when you come into a Roller Disco. If the price you need to pay for a bizarre 80s night is several falling-offs, there is no wonder you should try it. I recommend watching “Grease” with John Travolta and listening to The Pointer Sisters for an encouragement before you put the skates on and have fun.


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